Our library worth the wait

By Zack Kirby, Chattanooga, Tenn .—

Two days ago I finally got to see for myself our new library that we all waited so long for.As I walked  across campus on a cold Sunday afternoon to head in our weekly Echo staff meetings, I noticed that there were not that many people walking around the library, so I decided to check it out for myself.

But first, I had to take check out the new Starbucks my friends told me about, and from the moment I entered, my nose was greeted with the fresh smell of coffee and hot chocolate.What added to the greatness of this new campus attraction was the fact that they took Mocs bucks!

After that, I entered the first floor of our new library, and all I can say is that I am nothing short of amazed.The floor turned out to be filled with students, yet it did not seem crowded.

Since I had some time to kill before my meeting began, I proceeded to visit every floor of this new library and was blown away by everything I saw. There was no shortage of study spaces, new computers and window views. Those three things are the perfect combination for a college student to get his or her work done, and all I can say is that the new library was worth the wait.

I know the University kept delaying the release date of when we could actually see the place, but I would rather walk into a building and know that it had time and effort put into it, than to have some half-finished place that was rushed into completion.

My hat goes off to all of the people who were involved in putting together this enormous structure that can fulfill any student’s academic needs, and I honestly do not have a problem with my tuition money going toward it.

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