Abigail Wetmore, Chattanooga, Tenn. —

This week has felt more like one long hour. In other words, I feel as though I blinked and it is again Sunday, already. I fully expected this Sunday to be uneventful and quiet, but the day decided to trump my expectations.

I was in my room with the windows open, listening to the sounds of spring when the sudden sound of a marching band startled me. I looked outside my window just in time to see a few balloons float to the sky.

The next minute, I am out the door to see what was happening in the town of Eichstätt. I made my way to the town center where I found not only source of the music, but an outdoor market, a few rides and small petting zoo.

Eichstätt was having an Easter celebration.

The decorations around the town center were beautiful. Colorful Easter eggs were taking over this small town. Children were running up to others, giving out flowers, flop-eared bunnies were finding homes, beautiful hand-made crafts were being sold as far as the street stretched and a camel ride was up for grabs. Yes, a camel, the winner of all the randomness the day yielded was the presence of a camel in the middle of the market place.

This town maybe small, but it is not boring.

I looked around the market just as everything was about to pack up. I could have spent a few too many Euros on jewelry I would never wear, but instead, I purchased a small plant to place by my window for all of one Euro. I found a batch of small, beautiful, blue flowers that would be a perfect complement to the view outside my room. The garden I can see from where I live is currently in full bloom; my flowers would be in good company.

Spring in Eichstätt receives a warm welcome with the hope it will stay and visit for quite some time. Today’s fresh April weather went perfectly with an outdoor market, complete with musical parade and unexpected Easter…camels.

Now I am sitting at home with a cup of coffee listening to the chiming bells outside my open window with the blue flower enjoying the best view in house. The evening sky is a gorgeous end to a gorgeous day. Tomorrow is the first official day of the summer semester here and I am hoping it goes well. I am suspecting it will go by quickly, just as every week has here so far. The more time goes by, the more I am extremely happy to have chosen to go to a university in a small town. From what I hear, there are not many places like this town. This could be a good or not-so-good thing depending who you ask, but I could not be more happy about living in Eichstätt, a small place full of surprises.

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