Preview: JJ’s Bohemia to host local artist compilation

Julia Weber, Chattanooga, Tenn., — A hole in the wall venue presents an off-the-wall show. JJ’s Bohemia is hosting an unforgettable mix of “wizard rapping” and funky electronic beats at the show this Saturday featuring soCro, Kindora, Rock Floyd and LiL iFFy. Located right off campus on E. MLK Boulevard, JJ’s provides the perfect escape for UTC’s many free-spirited students.

Locally known for creating the unofficial song of the city, “Chattanooga,” soCro fuses the electronic elements of the European club scene with the dirty South’s trap music. Eric Lisica created his label “Southern Croat” (soCro for short) to display his Croatian background and Southern roots. His debut album, “Eurotrash Meets Southern Class,” and overall unique style are expected to evoke high energy among the crowds at JJ’s Bohemia.

Photos by Abigail Lewis
Photos by Abigail Lewis


JJ’s Bohemia is located at 231 East Martin Luther King Boulevard.
JJ’s Bohemia is located at 231 East Martin Luther King Boulevard.

“soCro is great; the energy for shows like that is always high at JJ’s,” said Natasha Ferrier, comedian at JJ’s Bohemia and senior from Nashville.

Avid concertgoers such as Spencer Gadd, a sophomore from Nashville, shows interest in going to local shows. “I think JJ’s Bohemia is a really neat venue. They seem to bring in a lot of cool local bands,” said Gadd.

Another artist to perform is Kindora, a local who’s widely considered a “rogue R&B” musician.  Her delicate voice weaves through the electronic purrs in the background, producing a musical style difficult to categorize.

Kindora pairs up with Rock Floyd in the track, “Fun And Games,” creating a stimulating harmony. Rock Floyd employs rap and hip-hop to essentially tell his story. Raw emotions and intimate life experiences seep into every track especially in “Lie To Me,” which was released last year.

Last on the bill but certainly not least is LiL iFFy (AKA Wil Wright). Named the “Greatest Wizard Rapper Alive” by mtvU, LiL iFFy has conceived a new, completely unexpected genre, Wandcore/Rap, which is showcased in his 4 released Harry Potter themed albums. Quite frankly, it’s a goofy idea and style… yet it has transformed into something magical. However, Wil looks to take on a more serious tone here soon despite all the fame his “wizard rapping” has generated.

JJ’s welcoming atmosphere lays the perfect foundation for such an eclectic show to play. Students are encouraged to come relieve some stress and enjoy live music.

The show is Saturday, February 28th. Patrons must be 21 and up. JJ’s Bohemia is located at 231 E Martin Luther King Boulevard. Contact JJ’s at 266-1400 or visit their website at for ticket information.

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