By Haley Bartlett—Copy Editor

For those that don’t believe in climate change, the evidence lies purely in the fact that each year, pumpkin spice flavors roll out onto the shelves faster and larger than before.

As early as Aug. 26, Starbucks was already advertising pumpkin spice this and that, even making its way into a new cold brew cream. Keep in mind it’s still a solid 95 degrees outside.

Don’t get me wrong, I am one basic fan-girl when it comes to the fall season, enjoying curling up in sweaters and reveling in all things spooky, but pumpkin spice is starting to turn into an epidemic. I mean Spam is even rolling out with a pumpkin flavor which is…gross, to say the least.

It doesn’t stop there with the crazy mixtures, though. White Claw, the go-to alcoholic seltzer for college students across the nation, has rolled out with a pumpkin drink. I don’t know anyone who would enjoy spiked sparkling water with the taste of pumpkin, but to each their own. Besides, the profits from this flavor seem to show what the people want is everything pumpkin at all costs. 

Whether or not you are one who craves the strangely fluorescent orange flavoring, it’s hard to ignore the oddity in this particular craze that is taking over grocery stores and coffee shops. Also, as a fellow barista myself, I have a certain disdain for the syrup after the twentieth latte in a row when everyone is still in shorts and tank tops.

So why do we always push for the seasons to change more quickly than they do? It’s slightly unfair that we won’t receive fall weather until the end of October based on recent years, but we could at least wait until the middle of September to arrive before we dive into the pumpkin patch. 

But whoever came up with the formula of the almighty pumpkin spice, I’m sure, is being praised by all white girls and pumpkin enthusiasts alike. I wouldn’t even be surprised if a cult were soon to be established built entirely on the obsession of the artificial flavoring.

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