By Alyssa Martin, Staff Writer —

Rachel Smith poses for a portrait on November 13, 2017. (File Photo by Chelsea Conner)

Although she was not originally sold on UTC, Rachel Smith has found a love for the school and multiple organizations on campus during her academic career.


Smith, a senior, grew up in the small town of Oliver Springs. She is a communication and Spanish major with a passion for music.


She is also a part of the Brock Scholars program and Mortar Board, a senior honor society.


For the past two years she has served on the University of Tennessee’s Board of Trustees as the student trustee and was the voice for all student government organizations.


Currently, Smith serves as the marketing and communication director for SGA.


Along with being heavily involved with SGA, Smith actively is working towards a career in the music industry.


“The reason I chose to be a communication major, even though I want to be a singer-songwriter and not major in music is because it has taught me a lot of the skills I need to self promote myself,” Smith said.


Smith added that along with learning these communication skills, she has chosen Spanish because she has always wanted to learn it, which has been beneficial to her the past two summers where she has taught music lessons in Nicaragua.


The summer after her sophomore year, she planned to spend two months teaching music lessons and working on her photojournalism thesis focused on missionary culture in Nicaragua.


However, a month prior to her leaving a revolution broke out, which altered her thesis focus to the conflict and how people adapted despite of it.


“It was really crazy to see even though there was all these protests going on while people were still trying to go on with their day to day lives,” Smith said.


Despite the chaos and being evacuated early, Smith managed to continue taking photos for her thesis and teach various instruments to people within the church for worship.


In the upcoming years, Smith said she wants to travel back to Nicaragua to continue with music lessons, and she also plans to further her music career dream by moving to Nashville after graduation.

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