RecycleMania encourages group involvement

RecycleMania: Wesley Pike, from Franklin, Tenn., recycles a bottle of chocolate milk. RecycleMania 2012 gives students a chance to design a poster and win prizes.

By Cameron Morgan, Chattanooga, TN—RecycleMania offers groups and recycling fanatics alike an opportunity to bring light to the cause of sustainability on campus.

October 24-26 will mark Sustainability Week for UTC, but Lisa Darger, sustainability coordinator, said there are ways students and organizations can get involved before then.

“There is a contest where students and student organizations can design a poster and submit it,” Darger said. “Anybody can do it.”

The posters created for RecycleMania will not only profit the school in raising awareness, but the students as well, Darger said.

“Each poster, once entered, has the chance to win $500,” she said. “Second place posters get $250, and if your poster is within the ‘Top Tier’, you or your organization receives a $50 gift card,”

Selected posters will be chosen by Darger to serve as advertisements for UTC’s Sustainability Week and will be posted in the University Center, she said.

“The only criteria for the poster is that it must incorporate recyclable materials and must also have a collegiate theme,” Darger said. “All entries must be 11 by 17and must display the RecycleMania logo, which can be found on the under ‘Participate’ and ‘2013 Poster Competition’.”

Groups such as EDGE, which serves in conjunction with Darger to promote recycling and sustainability on campus, are excited to get involved in the program as a whole, as first and foremost, RecycleMania is a competition between college campuses to see who can reduce the most waste, Bradley Reynolds, faculty advisor for EDGE, said.

“Certainly we will try to recycle as much as possible during the RecycleMania competition,” Reynolds said. “Of course we always try to encourage our members to recycle on-campus as well as off-campus throughout the year…not just during competitions like RecycleMania.”

Throughout Sustainability Week and the RecycleMania competition, Darger and Reynolds said they hope to surpass last year’s yield, which reduced over 50,000 pounds of waste in the eight week period from Feb. 3 to March 30, which they said saved 75 yards of landfill space.

Along with other large projects, like renovating the East 5th parking garage and putting more greenery into Cardiac Hill and once construction is complete, RecycleMania will help raise support for the initiatives locally which impact us globally, Darger said.

“Our overall goal is to be more sustainable,” Darger said. “These activities engage students and encourage them to be more aware of there choices to recycle plastic and paper. The more support we have, the better place we’re in to get bins and to grow the program to include events like move out day and athletics.”

All RecycleMania poster entries must be submitted by Oct. 22 in order to be considered.


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