Renowned artist comes to campus, inspires students

Heather Peckham, Chattanooga, Tenn. – The Diane Marek Visiting Artist Series is making its 2013-2014 appearance in the Cress Gallery at UTC’s Fine Arts Center Oct. 14 with

 Photo by Peter Dressel Michael Scoggins in his studio, sitting next to his massive artwork.
Photo by Peter Dressel
Michael Scoggins in his studio, sitting next to his massive artwork.

visiting artist Michael Scoggins.

This elite series was first established in 2006 by invoking visitations of two to four artists with national and international reputations for a week-long exhibition of their finest works. This is an opportunity for anybody to catch a glimpse of a worldly, artistic path beyond the bounds of a campus art studio. It is also a chance for students to see worldly creativity right here on campus.

“This exhibit is a great event that allows students to see art in its more professional form,” Robert Cox of the UTC Art Department said. “These are people who have made it in the art industry.”

The professors in the art faculty are not the only ones to be thrilled about this upcoming exhibit. Students majoring in art are buzzing about this event as well.

Sarah Beddoe, a freshman art major from Nashville said, “I’m extremely excited for the upcoming art exhibit. It’s such a great opportunity to enjoy the work of a great artist while also further developing my art knowledge and inspiration”

Alesha Lee, a freshman art major from Nashville added, “I am very thrilled because this is just a great opportunity for me and my classmates to be able to see such an elite exhibit right here on campus. I am so excited to see all of the works of art.”

Scoggins draws inspiration from the Pop Art movements of the 20th century. He manipulates mostly paper material common to communication and thought.

Scoggins’ most famous works involve exposing paper to present particular messages. Many times his work is done with spiral notebooks that have written scrawls and text to form an overall piece in a colossal scale. By using this type of art that is influenced by pop culture, mass media and world events, Scoggins successfully makes his works completely current, connected and universal.

His exhibit runs through Oct. 17 in Cress Gallery in the Fine Arts building.

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