Revelry room diversifies concert offerings in April

Anna Prater, Chattanooga, Tenn. – Parker Millsap, one of the hottest up-and-coming singer-songwriters today, performs at the Revelry Room Friday, April 15.

Millsap, 23, just released his third album, “The Very Last Day,” in March. He’s on a nationwide tour in support of the record, with special stops in between that include sets at South By Southwest and The Grand Ole Opry. In 2014, he was nominated for an Americana Music Award.

Having grown up in the Pentecostal church in rural Oklahoma, it isn’t a surprise that many of Millsap’s songs have religious themes. But they’re dark, too, and thematically similar to the songwriting of John Prine and Tom Waits.

“I wrote the songs over about two years,” he said. “About half of them were written over the winter in Oklahoma, so dark and grey and brown and cold. To kind of fit the vibe, I started watching ‘The Walking Dead’ and reading Cormac McCarthy and Steven King. I kind of got into a dark frame of mind for a month and a half, and that’s when I wrote about half of the songs.”

Millsap began writing songs in high school, when he had an English teacher who encouraged creative writing. Because of this, many of his songs are narrative in nature.

“A lot of the songwriters I grew up listening to and bands that I like have a certain narrative,” he said. “My teacher got me into writing short stories. It was a lot of homework, but I liked it. It was the only homework I liked.”

On stage, Millsap will play guitar and harmonica and be joined by an upright bass and fiddle. His raspy and bluesy singing style makes the young artist seem far beyond his years.
It will be his first time in Chattanooga. Tickets are still available and cost $15. The show starts at 9 p.m.

Avatar, Sunflower Dead shred at the Revelry Room:

Ashley Barnes, Chattanooga, Tenn. – Avatar and Sunflower Dead are getting weird May 2 at the Revelry Room as part of their summer tour.

The two metal bands are hitting the road together for a summer long tour. Avatar will be covering parts of the U.S. along with parts of Europe and Sunflower Dead will be touring all over the U.S. On Monday, May 2 both bands will be performing in Chattanooga’s very own Revelry Room at 9 p.m.

Avatar is a heavy metal band originally from Sweden. The band has made music since 2001, releasing their first album “Thoughts of No Tomorrow” in 2006.

Since then, Avatar has become popular in not only Europe but America as well.

The Swedish band has done several tours in the U.S. and Europe over the course of their career. Avatar is expected to release their latest album “Feathers & Flesh” May 13 of this year.

Michael Del Pizzo of Sunflower Dead said Avatar has a very theatrical tour.

Similar to Avatar, Sunflower Dead is a mixture of hard rock and alternative metal. The California band started making music together in 2012. They released their first album, “Sunflower Dead” the same year. The band is a blend of talented musicians originally from other bands.

“We took all the best people from other bands and put them together,” Pizzo said.

Sunflower Dead is widely known for their zombie-like appearance and their aggressive stage presence.
Pizzo said the band is all about entertainment and using metal to bring out the anger in the audience. Their most recent album, “It’s Time To Get Weird” released in October of last year.

The band often used the expression, “It’s time to get weird” before every show and soon it became an expression used by many of their fans.

Lyrically the album is about Pizzo’s personal experiences of trying to find peace. “It’s Time To Get Weird” is also an example of the band’s overall growth over the years and their relentless effort in providing for their fans.

“When we start playing and people see how much fun we have, the first thing I notice are people smiling and having fun,” Pizzo said.

Avatar fans and Sunflower Dead’s “evil seeds” can expect a wildly entertaining performance at the Revelry Room on May 2. In the wise words of Michael Del Pizzo, “It’s time to get weird.”

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