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The finale episode of American Horror Story: 1984, titled “Final Girl,” was unsurprisingly dark and brutal, but it was also startlingly heartwarming. For those wishing to finish the new season in peace, *spoiler alert.* 

Now set in the year 2019, Bobby Richter, played by Finn Wittrock, returns to Camp Redwood to discover the truth behind the death of his father Benjamin Richter, played by John Carroll Lynch. 

After running into the ghost of Montana, played by Billie Lourd, and explaining cell phones to her, Bobby is taken on a tour of the camp where he meets the other trapped souls. He learns his father died in the camp back in the 80’s, and he also learns that not every ghost here wants to see him leave the camp alive. Satan’s prodigy Richard Ramirez, played by Zach Villa, wanted to kill Bobby as a child to get revenge on his father for exposing him as a serial killer, but the ghosts have trapped him in the camp by murdering him over and over again each time the devil revives him.

This set up one of my favorites sequences in the episode, which was watching the various ghosts kill Ramirez in different ways. At least they have something to keep themselves busy. After two ghosts who are supposed to be on “death-watch” start kissing each other, Ramirez wakes up and is set free from his chains by Satan. Since Bobby is now on the property, Ramirez can easily find and kill him. After getting a literal knife to the back, the ghosts are able to hold Ramirez back long enough for Bobby to escape camp and find my favorite character of the season, Donna Chambers, played by Angelica Ross. 

Donna survived all the murderous death at Camp Redwood making her the “final girl,” which is a wonderful ending for her character. Donna said in the previous episode that she could never be a final girl because she is black, so the fact that she escaped makes her final girl status even more fulfilling. 

Psychopath and criminal mastermind Margaret Booth, played by Leslie Grossman, finally got what she deserved this episode. After failing to mass-murder concert-goers and musicians at her “Camp Redwood Music Festival,” Margaret is found and savagely murdered by the ghosts who died as a result of her manipulation. It was satisfying and extremely disgusting to see her arms, legs and head hacked off and thrown into a woodchipper. 

Bobby has an unpleasant run-in with Margaret’s ghost when she nearly stabs him. Luckily, Benjamin stops her from killing his now fully grown son. Benjamin and Bobby reunite for one of the most touching scenes of the season. Bobby learns that his father tried everything in his power to save him, and he gets to meet his grandmother who also died at the camp in the 1950s. 

This season actually ended on a positive note, unlike others in the anthology. One of the best parts about this episode was seeing characters like Montana make a complete moral turn-around by keeping Ramirez away from Bobby. Although this season has come to an end, do not forget, “the 80s live on forever.” 

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