Rock City embraces German heritage with Rocktoberfest

By Grace Stafford, Assistant Features Editor —

The local landmark, Rock City, is ringing in fall with their annual Rocktoberfest event held every weekend in October.

Rocktoberfest transforms Rock City into a German themed festival with fitting entertainment and food from the region.

“It began as a natural tie-in to Rock city’s German heritage,” said Meagan Jolley, Rock City’s public relations manager. “Our founders were Garnet Carter and his wife Frieda Utermoehlen Carter, she was of German descent. She had a love for European folklore and designed Fairyland Caverns according and included many gnomes throughout the gardens.”

Rock City is offering a tour during the Rocktoberfest weekends that focuses on Frieda’s passion for German heritage and its influence on the gardens.

“Rock City is celebrating its 85th anniversary this year,” said Jolley. “It is the perfect time to get a behind-the-scenes look at the gardens’ history.”

The German and European influences are increased even more so for Rocktoberfest. As for entertainment, there is live German music from The Wurstbrats and The Musik Meisters, dance performances set to German and Bavarian folk music and polka lessons.

More unique entertainment includes storytelling by Ik the Troll King who has performed at Renaissance Faires for over 15 years.

The food served is also unique to Rocktoberfest. Bratwursts, beer cheese soup, German chocolate cake, pumpkin spice fudge and wienerschitzel are available at different locations around Rock City. German beer, wine and apple cider mimosas are also available for those of age.

“There is something for all ages at the event,” said Jolley. “There are many things at Rocktoberfest you can only experience on these days.”

Rocktoberfest runs through the month of October on the weekends from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. and tickets are priced higher than usual days. Adult pricing is $22.95, and there is no student discount. Jolley suggest purchasing an annual pass for $39 that will allow unlimited visits in the year including to the popular winter attraction, Enchanted Garden of Lights.

Grace Stafford

Grace Stafford

Features Editor

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