By Riley Gentry – Staff Writer

An annual live action showing of the famous musical, Rocky Horror Picture Show, took place at Honest Pint Friday, October 11, 2019.

The two-night series brought together many people of ages 18 and up. Both nights completely sold out, selling roughly 400 tickets in total.

Kaleidoscope Entertainment put on the production with the help of their sponsors, the Honest Pint and Chattanooga Whiskey.

Each attendee received a raffle ticket that could help them win special prizes throughout the event.

During the showing, there was themed food and drinks to match the movie, such as a “Time Warp” drink and “Meatloaf’s dinner.” Guest could also purchase prop bag with various items they could use throughout the showing to interact with the cast and other audience members.

Several students from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga attended the event said they would definitely go again and would even suggest others to go too.

Among these UTC students were Raelynn Pape, Caelin Larkin and Lane Frost who all said the showing was really fun and a cool experience.

Pape said, “The atmosphere was so much different from being a traditional bar or movie experience.”

Larkin said she went to the event because she and her roommate had always wanted to go to a live Rocky Horror Picture Show.

“It was super fun and really cool to see all different people dressed up and interacting during the movie,” Larkin continued.

Frost said he had been wanting to go to the Honest Pint’s Rocky Horror Picture Show since he moved to Chattanooga.

When Frost was invited by some friends to go, he was excited to attend, and after seeing this one, he would definitely go to another showing.

Larkin, Pape, and Frost all said they loved how much interaction the crowd had during the showing.

Larkin got to throw cards off the balcony at one point during the movie, and she said that was her favorite part of the night.

This event was said to be Kaleidoscope Entertainment’s most successful production of the movie in their five years of putting it on.

At showings of the Rocky Horror Picture Show it is common for guests to not only dress up but also participate in what is called “comebacks.” These are on liners that audience members say after certain lines in the movie are spoken.

One audience member knew every comeback and even made up some of his own. He was said to have attended close to 500 live viewings of the iconic movie.

This resulted in him receiving a special prize for his contribution to the night including a tour of the Chattanooga Whiskey distillery.

The event ended with audience members taking photos and meeting the eclectic cast members.

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