By Mary Kate Sheppard, Staff Writer–

The UTC sailing team sets sail once again after a year off of the water. A typical sailing season begins in the fall semester and concludes near the end of spring semester. However, for the Nauti Mocs, the boats have been retired for the past season.

After losing several seniors, the UTC sailing team has taken some time to regroup

before they get back on the water. This season will not start with the boats in line for a race because the Nauti Mocs have a new team of rookies to train.

Caleb Hendron, a junior at UTC and the president of the UTC sailing team, has been

sailing since 2012. He began his journey on the water at the Privateer Youth Sailing Camp, where he learned the familiarities of the boat. After several years, he received his instructor certificate and was able to train others on how to sail.

While this may be his first official year as president, he is still excited for what this team means. After its collapse a few years back, UTC sailing didn’t participate in any races. Now, however, the rookies are taking the ropes.

“This is going to be a building year. I really want to get everyone comfortable with the boats and the water before we sign up for any races,” Caleb said, “We have a really new team so I want them to be able to sail well.”

As of right now, the Nauti Mocs are not committed to racing in any competitions.

“We’re not up to that level yet. Since everyone on the team is new, we have not signed up for any races,” Caleb added.

Since most people on the current team are rookie sailors, now would be a great time for anyone interested to consider joining the club! Right now, the team is primarily using sailing boats called Fusions, a surprisingly stable small boat that can

hold 1-2 people and can have up to 3 sails. Later, the team will move up to C420s, which are common in intercollegiate regattas. Three brand new C420s were purchased by the Privateer Yacht Club at the beginning of summer.

Caleb also issued a call for new members or anyone who might even want to try sailing.

“We practice on Saturdays at 10:00 a.m. at the Privateer Yacht Club, [which is] about twenty minutes away from campus.”

Caleb assures anyone interested in participating in the club that no prior experience is required to join, and those with questions, concerns, or interest can contact Caleb at


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