By Lindsay Francisco, Staff Writer-

Scenic Trend is dedicated to sharing the stories of artists in Chattanooga’s expanding art scene.

The organization is an online art news source launched in Jan. 2020 by co-founders Dillan Whisenant, chief marketing officer, and Nathan Tucker, chief content officer.

Scenic Trend gives homage to many art forms, including on-canvas, off-canvas, photography, videography, music, literature, film, and the culinary arts.

        “Scenic Trend is to bring awareness to talent that is in Chattanooga,” Whisenant said. “Chattanooga has a really big art scene, it’s all very vibrant here.”

Scenic Trend gives insight into Chattanooga’s growing art community that people inside and outside the area may not know about.

Upon opening Scenic Trend’s website, visitors are greeted with its most recent stories and can easily navigate the pieces based on the art form and the artists featured.

“Since we are the only news source like this in Chattanooga, we think that we are a trendsetter in a way, which is why we are called Scenic Trend,” Whisenant said. 

He said that Scenic Trend feels like a new beginning for them from their previous project, Leeker Magazine.

“We used to run a website called Leeker Magazine, and we had a lot of growth with that,” Tucker said. “It was showcasing the hip-hop scene in Chattanooga. We were thinking we could rebrand and feature every kind of art source in Chattanooga, and all of the different niches.”

Scenic Trend is a not-for-profit, meaning it does not earn money for its owners.

“We are making no money off of it because the goal is to give free promotion to artists,” Tucker said. “Any money that we can make, we are funneling back into the business to see improvement.”

Scenic Trend takes donations on its website to help continue its growth. Scenic Trend is also welcoming new writers to grow and improve its team.

“We are looking for people who have a strong drive to be a part of the community here, and who are willing to work to build portfolios,” Tucker said.

Because it is a not-for-profit organization, Scenic Trend is not yet able to pay its writers, but it can offer experience.  

 “I do most of the articles myself, and I’m not making a dime off of it,” Tucker said. “It is really just to give writers an avenue where they can get their work out there and be a part of a local blog space at the same time.”

        Anyone wanting to join Scenic Trend’s team can reach out to them through their social media, e-mail or website. Artists can also fill out the form on their website to see how they can get featured on Scenic Trend.

        For more information visit: or e-mail:

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