Searching for a snooze: The best places to nap on campus

By Emily Morgan, Staff Writer —

Mild sleep deprivation is no stranger to college students as classes, assignments, studying and extracurricular activities take their toll. Sometimes, they need a nap.

According to U.S. News, 70 percent of UTC students live off campus, meaning many are commuters who arrive early and stay late. Fortunately, UTC has several great spots for napping when there’s no time to go home.

Fletcher Hall

When searching for some zzz’s, the first spot to check out is the third floor of Fletcher Hall. Fletcher houses the College of Business and sits on McCallie Avenue. The third floor is occupied by faculty offices so there isn’t much foot traffic or noise to affect sleep time. Take advantage of comfy pillow-top benches throughout the hallways to fully stretch out.

The University Center

The University Center is a great place to get lunch, but also has an ideal spot to nap. Head up the stairs to the third floor and turn right down a hallway that leads past the Counseling and Personal Development office. At the end of the hallway, there are multiple chairs and pillow-top benches perfect for the quick, after-lunch snooze. This part of the hallway has a low noise level and is relatively dim making this an easy place to fall asleep.

Chamberlain Field

Students who find themselves looking for a nap on a sunny day should head over to Chamberlain Field. The old football field between Crossroads and the library is perfect for those wishing to nap while enjoying nature. There are also a few trees nearby that are perfect for stringing up an ENO for a cozy hammock nap. There’s nothing like falling asleep under the warm sun, making this a great spot to crash in between classes.

Third and Fourth Floor of the UTC Library

The upper floors of the library are, without a doubt, great places to nap. Both the third and fourth floors offer great places to find rest in between homework or study sessions. Both floors have reclining rocking chairs and comfy benches that face the windows. The third floor has multiple silent study rooms that pairs pillow-top benches with a low noise level to makes it easy to fall asleep. The Andrew C. Roth reading room is on the fourth floor and has comfy chairs with few people and minimal noise.

All these spots are just a few among many to utilize for a power napping experience. Those who worry about sleeping in public can always find a friend who lives on campus with an open couch. Being close to classes while getting to nap on a friend’s couch can provide a pleasant energy boost without the worry of finding a spot.

Alina Hunter-Grah

Alina Hunter-Grah

News Editor

Alina is a junior Communications major with a minor in Political Science from Clarksville, Tenn. Alina is also the official Chattanooga Correspondent for 2nd & Church, a literary magazine based out of Nashville, Tenn. Alina dreams of being an investigative journalist or political reporter.

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  1. You don’t think the faculty would mind students napping on benches outside of their offices in Fletcher? The library and the field seem the only viable options really.

    Trying to make a change :-/

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