By Chelsea Langley, Staff Writer —

The Student Attitudes on Sexual Assault Survey is a new campus climate survey where students can voice their opinions and be entered to win prizes.

This survey was made so that the university can have an idea about all of the incidents happening on campus. The types of incidents the survey is looking for are sexual assault, relationship violence, and stalking. Stephanie Rowland, Title IX Coordinator, said that all of these incidents are very under-reported.

“These types of anonymous surveys can give universities a more complete picture of what they are looking at because so many students are too afraid to come forward or choose not to come forward,” said Rowland. “So it’s really important to have these types of assessments.”

This is the third year the survey has been at the University. What the University has done in the past is look at the responses and then make new goals or changes to the prevention program based on what the surveys say.

For example, the survey in 2015 said that a lot of students didn’t understand the process of filing a complaint or knowing where to go for help if an incident occurred. As a result of that, the university made an effort to talk with students about the process and also create brochures explaining the process. The number was significantly better the next time students were surveyed.

Rowland said that it is important that as many students as possible participate in the survey so that the university can get the information they need to make sure their efforts are working the way they should be.

“It really provides us with the information we need in order to make sure that our prevention efforts, supportive efforts, and the Title IX process are working,” said Rowland. “We really need the information and I really hope that as many students as possible will take it.”

The survey takes only about 5-10 minutes. Students can find it on a slider on UTC’s main page or find it at The last day for the survey is March 17.

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