SGA appoints new Chief of Staff and Treasurer

By Kirsten Raper, Assistant News Editor —

SGA has a new Chief of Staff after the old Chief of Staff, Abby Kinnard, moved to the Treasurer position.

Semaja Reed was appointed as the new Chief of Staff at the SGA meeting on Jan. 24.

“I hope Semaja bring a new perspective to SGA,” said SGA President Kelsey Weaver. “A lot of us have been doing this for a while, some longer than others, but we have all been working together for an entire semester. It is going to be nice to have her walk in the room with new ideas,” she said.

Weaver said that Reed has served as a Senator before as well as the Chief of Staff for Freshman Senate, and her experience was one of the reasons she was chosen for her new position.

Reed said her personal reasons for applying extend far beyond her past experience.

“I was encouraged by Kelsey to apply for the position because of my past experience in Freshman Senate; however, my passion for not only effective communication but also action is what led me to apply,” said Reed.

Reed said that she hopes her new position will allow her to be a voice for minority students on campus.

“With or without the position of Chief of Staff, I will be an advocate for social justice and the rights of minority students on campus. Giving a voice to students, who are often overlooked, is what I hope to do through this position. To me this role is more than just a title or a resume builder. It’s an opportunity to change the way this campus sees its minority students,” said Reed.

Weaver said that experience was also the reason that Kinnard was appointed as Treasurer. Kinnard is an accounting major, who served as the Treasurer for SGA during the 2015-2016 school year. However, she did not get reelected for the position in Spring 2016. After she lost the election, Kinnard decided to apply for the Chief of Staff position.

“After looking at the positions on the executive team that I could apply for, I realized that the Chief of Staff position would suit me well and would give me more of an opportunity to work with people all over campus,” said Kinnard.

As for how her transition from Treasurer to Chief of Staff and then back to Treasurer has been, Kinnard said that she is still trying to get back into the swing of things.

“Everything has been pretty good. I’m still transitioning back into the treasurer role, picking up some of the work from the last couple of months and getting myself acquainted with where we are in the budget, but I’m really thankful to be doing it again,” said Kinnard.

Kinnard offered her advice about the Chief of Staff position to Semaja.

“Just really grab onto things that really interest you and make it your own. That’s something I wish I would have done more of during my semester in the position. Show passion in the things that the executive team talks about and if it sparks your interest run with it. This role has a lot of flexibility, so putting yourself out there and taking initiative is really important,” said Kinnard.

Kirsten Raper

Kirsten Raper

News Editor

Kirsten is an English major with a minor in Communication. In her spare time she enjoys reading, writing, and going to concerts.

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