By Samantha Sargent, Chattanooga, Tenn.– The Student Body Project’s (SBP) committee’s main goal is to focus on voicing student opinion in capital projects on campus. The committee reviews proposals for major funding projects that benefit the student body at large, monitors and evaluates university facilities, and suggests changes to proper authorities when necessary.

They also concentrate on their own small capital projects, such as the Game Room in the UC.

The Student Body Projects committee enhances the experience of UTC students by voicing student opinions on pertinent issues to the appropriate movers and shakers at the University,” said Kayla Boyer, SGA Senator.

This year, SBP’s top priority is working toward improving the parking issues on campus. After speaking with Dr. Richard Brown, the Executive Vice Chancellor of Finance, Operations, and Information Technology, they have devised several possible solutions. These include offering a lower-pricedvalue lot for Engel Stadium parking, adjusting class schedules so there is not a high demand between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., adding swipe card access to the higher levels of the Fifth Street parking garage, eliminating the tiered parking system, renumbering the lots, and much more.

Student Body Projects Chairperson Mikayla Long said, “I personally like the ability to sit in on meetings and task forces [and being able] to see projects from their starting points all the way through their end.

The committee is also working with the Chattanooga Department of Transportation to provide feedback on improvements to the roads surrounding UTC, specifically around Third Street and Martin Luther King. Lastly, SBP is partnering with the University and Academic Affairs committee to host the annual Study Marathon.

In the next year, I hope to see this committee have a more positive, visible impact on campus. Specifically, I hope we accomplish more accommodating parking solutions, provide a clear direction for Lupton renovations, and continue the legacy of Study Marathon,” said Boyer.