By Eleanor Angel, Chattanooga, TN—It’s that time of year again. The stress levels are up and exams are headed our way. Final exams will be Dec. 3 through Dec. 7 and though this is a much dreaded week, there will be an abundance of campus activities attempting to make the week a little more tolerable.

Bradley Bell, a Knoxville senior and SGA president, said that SGA will be hosting a study marathon during the beginning of exam week.

“The nature of this event is to assist students while studying for finals. We will have awesome study food as well as material to assist you in your studies,” Bell said.

Bell said that the SGA wants the students to know that they are there to help during the hard times students face during the college experience.

“Our entire campus understands that exams can be stressful, so we try to put together events to ease that stress. The events will be anything from massages brought to you by your student development which will give you a wonderful break from studying if you ask me, to study marathon,” Bell said.

Bell strongly suggested students go to campus events that are set up to help them do well on their final exams but also suggested students attend in moderation.

Peter Hagemeyer, a sophomore from Oak Ridge, Tenn., said he will be attending the House Pancake Extravaganza on Dec. 3 at midnight. Hagemeyer said he is going for “hanging and pancakes into the late hours.”

According to The House ministry’s facebook event,, students can show up at 11:55 pm and pay one dollar to eat as many pancakes as they want until 2:00 am.

Hagemeyer said that other ways he gets ready for finals week include: “Study, and prepare myself for studying. But also exercise as a de-stressor and cleaning up to move out of my room,” he said.

Eric Higgins, a Memphis senior, said he probably will not be very involved in the campus activities provided but did have some recommendations for getting ready for finals week.

“Sleep as much as possible, no all nighters. Depending on the semester I listen to a lot of Christmas music to keep me relaxed. But in spring semester just lots of calm instrumental music while I work and or study, and—no cheesiness intended—spend time with God,” he said.

Scotty Webb, a Chattanooga sophomore, said he may go to the House Pancake Extravaganza also.

“It’s a place where my friends will be and I can take a break from studying to be with friends and eat pancakes,” he said.

Webb also has other plans for studying during finals week.

“I will probably go to the Yellow Deli some with my cousin. We like to study there and it’s open all night which is awesome,” Webb said.

There are plenty of opportunities on campus through different organizations that will be going on during finals week.


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