SGA Minutes April 11, 2017

By Kirsten Raper, Assistant News Editor—

Guest speakers Danny Grzesik and Aubrey Duman from Student Development said that the university is going to start posting sorority and fraternities’ current statuses and histories online.  The information that will be posted online about each fraternity and sorority includes: the dates the investigation began and ended, the date the organization was charged, the date the organization’s probation ended, a list of charges and findings, descriptions of those charges, etc. Grzesik and Duman said the reasons the university will post this information online are to hold each organization accountable for their actions, to provide transparency, and because other schools are doing it. They also said that students and parents should know ahead of time of an organization’s status and history before paying to join.

Elizabeth Benn, social issues, equity, and diversity chair, said that feminine products will be available at the front desk of the library starting either before the end of this semester or during the fall.

Also during this meeting, several committees used money from their accounts for end of the year activities. They are listed below:

$482 was allocated from Social Issues, Equity, and Diversity for the HeforShe events that will be taking place later this month.

$525 was allocated from Campus Observations for the purchase of bouncy houses that will used during Earth Day kickoff.

$55.10 from Campus Observations  for candy that will be given out during tabling for Earth Week, which April 17-21.

$139.06 was allocated from Campus Observations for food that will be given out during Earth Day kickoff.

$3,545.84 was allocated from University and Academic Affairs for food, including Zaxby’s chicken tenders and Lupi’s pizza, that will be provided for the study marathon.

$94.39 was allocated from University and Academic Affairs to pay for a piano player and drinks that will be at the Outstanding Senior Ceremony.




Kirsten Raper

Kirsten Raper

News Editor

Kirsten is an English major with a minor in Communication. In her spare time she enjoys reading, writing, and going to concerts.

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