By Marielle Echavez, Staff Writer —

The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga’s SGA President Stan Settles and Vice President Jacey Edwards have exciting plans for this school year. 

Settles and Edwards campaigned for a Better UTC which involves better community, infrastructure, and involvement. 

“We just want to make UTC a better place, and one way of doing that is getting UTC out into the community as well as bringing the community to us,” sain Settles. 

One of their plans for the year is called Best of the Mocs which would be similar to Best of the Best hosted by Chattanooga’s Time Free Press. Their plan is to hopefully incentivise businesses to get better deals with UTC students at different restaurants, stores, etc. 

Another way they are bettering student involvement is by spotlighting more clubs and organizations that people may not be aware of on campus. They are allowing different groups to take over UTC’s instagram stories for a day. This brings more awareness to various organizations on campus with the hopes of growing campus involvement. 

One issue on campus in the past has been that the intramural fields are not open on weekends, but SGA has worked hard to fix this issue and has now gotten confirmation that they will now be open on Saturdays.

 “From now on, if anyone wants to play sports like football and soccer on Saturdays, then you have the opportunity to,” said Edwards.

Both Settles and Edwards were welcomed with an extremely energetic and very involved group of freshmen during this year’s welcome week. SGA received 88 applications from freshmen alone.

“If they start off being involved from the start, hopefully they all continually stay involved throughout their years at UTC,” said Edwards.

One event that Settles is looking forward to is Turkey Train which is hosted every year by freshmen senate. 

The goal is to get as many donations as they can so that they can buy turkeys to give to families in need around Thanksgiving. So far, a local church already reached out to give around 2,000 turkeys to help with this year’s Turkey Train. 

“Something else that is really important to me is building up Scrappy’s Cupboard and making sure that it’s advertised by letting people know it’s there,” said Settles. 

Scrappy’s Cupboard has food and other utilities which is open to all students. There is no name on the door, but any student that is need of food is free to grab anything that they need.

SGA has also been working hard on implementing a parking ticket forgiveness program which would benefit Scrappy’s Cupboard. 

“Maybe instead of paying for one parking ticket a year or semester, you can bring a few canned goods to Scrappy’s Cupboard,” said Settles.

They have so many other big plans and expectations for this year such as having the best voter registration count compared to other schools and having more athletic event involvement.

Edwards said she is most excited for student involvement and just getting people to come out to more events. 

“Supporting each other in other events outside of our own organizations is something I’m really excited to push for this year,” said Edwards.

According to Settles, this year already has been better than he could have ever expected. 

“It’s been an awesome first week, and I’ve been busy and tired, but that’s good! The involvement is already here and the applications show that,” said Settles. “I really think we’re going to have a better UTC.”


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