By Megan Ferguson, Chattanooga, TN–Executive Reports:
• Bradley Bell, a Knoxville senior, said he will serve on the Planning Committee for UTC’s on-campus clinic.
The clinic is being moved to the Maclellan Gym, ending the five-year contract UTC has had with Erlanger.

• Bell told SGA the Parking Committee will be meeting on Wednesday and he will fill SGA members in on the discussion for the next meeting.

• Bell discussed how to lead new changes on campus.
One of the things he said he would like to add is being a more service oriented philanthropic campus.

• Bell wants the University to go through a service challenge with a goal of 50,000 hours of community service for this 2012—2013 academic year.

“This has never been done,” Bell said. “But I really want SGA to have an initiative to give back.”

Forms can be picked up in the University Center on the third floor, Bell said.

Bell wants campus as a whole to participate.

• Bell said Camp Lookout is looking for volunteers to help clean up the site. Food and drinks will be provided for volunteers.

Items Passed:
• The  Senate passed a change in the rules of order for any bill given an unfavorable recommendation by any member or committee of SGA.  The executive committee must be passed by two-thirds vote for bills under or equal to $600 and by a three-fourths vote for bills over $600 and all other bills.

• SGA passed a change in the senate rules of order.
The rules of order are to be amended to read: “All Bills that allocate at least $600.01 from 606 funds be voted on by roll call vote.

• SGA voted yes for $1000 to be allocated from Student Body Projects for TVs for the UC.

• SGA voted yes for $328.68 to be allocated from Social Issues to help fund the catering expenses for the Brother-to-Brother speaking event entitled “A Night with a Gentleman.”

• SGA unanimously voted yes for $800 to be allocated from Speakers to aid in funding the aggregate honorarium of the Meacham Writing Conference.
Items Not Passed:

• SGA voted no for the Campus Christians to be recognized as an official student organization.

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