SGA Report: 1/27/2013

By Eve Herman, Chattanooga, Tenn.–

Executive Reports

• SGA President Robert Fisher talked about the meeting Government Relations Committee meeting with the private developers for housing on MLK. The new housing is to be finished by August 2015. The developers will offer a 12 month lease to both student and nonstudents. Rent will be about $620 a month per person with all utilities included. Fisher is meeting with CARTA about ways to get more students to utilize public transportation not just to campus but to the downtown area as well. SGA is working with University Relations on a student of the month where students or faculty can nominate a student to be featured.

• SGA Vice President Steven Palmer talked about the Honors College planning committee and the upcoming SGA retreat.

• SGA Treasurer Brandon Harden talked about not receiving the final number of students enrolled at UTC but should be by next week. SGA will receive a check and distribute it to the Committees.

• SGA Secretary Danielle Burns talked about the SGA bills being due Friday at 2 p.m.

• SGA Parliamentarian Keltin Bodel talked about SGA absence appeals

• SGA Chief of Staff Gregory Jackson talked about the upcoming semi-annual SGA retreat.

• Freshman Senate President Adrienne Dooley talked the new freshman senate and the community service fair on Jan. 22. Dooley also talked about the freshman SGA retreat on Feb. 2nd


Adviser Reports

• Graduate Student Association President Charles Buford talked about the GSA meeting and the graduate student resumes due Jan. 22.

• Dean of Students Jim Hicks talked about the number of students enrolled at UTC. The number has not been received yet, but should be soon.

• Vice Chancellor of Student Development John Delaney talked about the upcoming career day on Feb. 5.


Committee Reports

• Entertainment Committee Chairwoman Alyssa Ison talked about the music in the UC last week that went well and homecoming positions for next year’s homecoming.

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