SGA Report

Gregory Jackson, Chattanooga, Tenn., —

Guest Speaker

• Provost Ainsworth discussed the development of a new strategic plan for the University. The Provost took the senate through a guided dialogue centering around what students need from the strategic plan. The strategic plan guides the University academically, administratively and socially as well these plans have a time frame of about five years. The last strategic plan ran its course last semester, and now SGA is in the process of creating a new one. For more information about the strategic plan please visit

Executive Reports

• Highlights include the recent visit to Knoxville for SGA Networking Weekend, President Fisher, Vice President Turcotte, Treasurer Taylor and Chief of Staff Henson made the semi-annual trip to Knoxville to discuss the issues facing students on all of the University of Tennessee Campuses.

• The freshman senate has been chosen and several of the new members of that organization were present.

• There was also a discussion lead by the senate concerning the Opt-In measure and some misconceptions surrounding it. The numbers provided by Dean Hicks showed approximately 67% of students opting in, 26% opting out, and 7% not making a choice in either direction. There will a survey sent out in the near future to attain why students 1) selected Option 2, or 2) did not make selections.


• Elections Commissioners: Heather Delbridge, Saba Munir and Solomon Puryear

• Senators: Kayla Miller and Symeon Shaw-Wakeman

Important Dates

• SGA Seminar – Sept. 20: This is our annual leadership seminar, we will be developing our senators. The keynote speaker at this event in Kim White, Director of the River City Company.

• President’s Roundtable: SGA is hosting a roundtable for all organizations, we are inviting presidents, other key stakeholders, or representatives. Details are forthcoming. Please email Robert Fisher, Gregory Jackson, or Garrett Henson for further details.

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