Compiled by Madison Baldwin–

Guest Speaker

Courtney Bullard, Assistant General Counsel, spoke about limiting the use of controlled UTC property by non-affiliated persons.

Executive Reports

Robert Fisher, SGA President, spoke about a resolution regarding the allocation of student fees and the possible resources that would be applied to intramural sports. Fisher also spoke about the Governor’s recent “TN Promise” proposal to shift the HOPE scholarship funds around, making technology centers and community colleges essentially free for those who would want to enroll upon high school graduation.

Brandon Harden, SGA Treasurer, spoke about the 1,000 student decrease in enrollment from fall 2013 to spring 2014.

Grant Vickers, SGA Public Relations Director, spoke about a new SGA activity called “What’s Up Wednesday?” which will give the student body a chance to meet SGA officers and see what projects they are working on.

Adrienne Dooley, Freshman Senate President, spoke about upcoming projects like a no texting/drinking and driving campaign, a t-shirt drive for the homeless, and increased access to recycling bins on campus.

Charles Buford, Graduate Student Association President, spoke about the possibility of a graduate research presentation and funding for graduate student organizations.

Adviser Reports

Dr. John Delaney, Vice Chancellor of Student Development, spoke about the recent inclement weather, advising students to exercise caution when coming to campus and to spread the word any time UTC decides to close. Delaney also said that if the University remains open but a student is still unable to safely arrive to campus, they should immediately contact their professor via email and document the weather hazard. If the professor insists that the absence will not be excused, contact the department chair.

Committee Reports

Timothy Haley, Campus Observations, spoke about finding new locations on campus for recycle bins and bike racks that have already been paid for.

Alyssa Ison, Entertainment, spoke about the Vagina Monologues, which took place in the UTC Auditorium on Feb. 13-15.


Holocaust Lecture Bill-Pass; New game room items-Pass; Expenses for supplies for men’s lacrosse club-(25 yes’s)pass; swim suits and shirts for aquatic team-pass; “A Resolution in Support of Student Autonomy in the Allocation of Student Fees” bill- pass.

Collaborating with SGAs from all over the state to address the legislature on how they should spend student activities fee.

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