By Isabella Patta, Staff Writer — The Sierra Club Cherokee Group, a local chapter of a national organization, focuses on environmental issues and ways to influence public policy in Washington D.C.

The club hosts monthly meetings related to these types of issues, and Dr. Shawn Trivette, assistant professor of sociology, will speak at the Sierra Club March meeting on Tuesday, March 28 at 7 p.m.

The Sierra Club Cherokee Group is hosting their March meeting at the end of the month, and it’s titled “The Sociology of the Environmental Movement.”

The event is free, scheduled to last until about 8:30 p.m. and refreshments will be provided.

The meeting will be at Nutrition World at 6237 Vance Rd.

Trivette stated he has only been to two of the Sierra Club meetings, but he met Kate Anthony, who is involved with the group.

Trivette shared his background with Anthony, who suggested he should speak at one of their meetings.

“[I will] use this as an opportunity to become more involved with the group,” Trivette said. “I will draw on my own expertise to benefit the community in some way.”

Trivette stated that he is still working on what he will talk about, but he has some general ideas.

“I will discuss how various social forces influence things like energy production and consumption and how they influence various transportation options we have available,” Trivette said. 

As an environmental sociologist and professor, Trivette said, “I don’t want to just lecture for 45 minutes, I know people just doze off; I want to create an interactive program with the audience.”

“I hope people will leave with something, maybe [have a deeper understanding] of the environmental issues we face today and why certain environmental problems have persisted,” Trivette said.

“I think students, who are interested in the environment could become involved,” Trivette said. “The Sierra organization is well known, and it would be a good venue to get connected with.”

For more information about the Sierra Club Cherokee Group, check out their website at

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