By Jake Pearcy, contributing writer-

The Moon Landing Tour touched down at The Signal in Chattanooga. 

There were three artists performing in support of Space Jesus before he played his headlining show. ONHELL started the night off with his experimental blend of deep bass and rap which got the crowd going. Tiedye Ky performed next, and he continued to build the momentum in the room throughout his show. By the time the last opener, Tsuruda, had finished his set there was an electric energy in the room. 

When Space Jesus walked out on stage the room exploded with excitement and cheers. He proceeded to wow the crowd with his high-quality production of lasers and satisfying bass drops. The crowd loved it, that much was clear. 

“I was pretty impressed with how many people came out,” said Alyssa Scarpelli, an employee at The Signal. “He went from selling out Songbirds less than a year ago to nearly filling a room three times bigger.”

Scarpelli continued, “Regardless of the genre of the band on stage I always love to see the crowd’s energy and how the artist interacts with everyone in the crowd. I have worked a lot of shows here at The Signal and I will say it’s rare that I see the energy that I saw at that show. The love for live music in Chattanooga has been revived because of venues like The Signal and last night was no exception.” 

An estimated 700 tickets were sold for the show. 

“Look around us,” Micah Weaver, an attendee, said. “There is a high demand for these types of electronic shows in Chattanooga. There were so many people here tonight. The local venues need to take some notes and start booking more shows like this more often.”

Weaver continued, “It is a win-win for everyone. You can really feel the energy in the room at shows like these. The people love this stuff and the turnout tonight is a clear indicator of that.”

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