By Joe Bailey, Staff Writer —

On Sunday, Oct. 21 at 7 p.m., Southside Social will be holding a Spooky Trivia Night hosted by comedian Ryan Budds. If you’re a pop culture or horror fan, then Sunday night is your chance to flaunt your spooky knowledge in honor of this month of costumes, chocolate bars and terror. Teams even get bonus points for dressing up.


Known on the stage for his stand up comedy and on the screen for his appropriately horrific role as a maimed victim of the sharks in the spoof film Sharknado, Ryan Budds also runs the L.A. based website, which hosts events centered around pop culture across the country.


Since its inception in 2006, Budds and his buds have hosted around 1600 movie, TV and comic book themed events and are still going strong.


Over the years the group has formed a special relationship with the city of Chattanooga and its businesses. They come to the Scenic City quarterly now, and, as Ryan says, enjoy visiting because of the, “non stop growth of bars, breweries and unique venues as well as the unique people from all walks of life that seem to congregate toward Chattanooga.”


When we talked, Ryan pointed out that Haunted Trivia and trivia nights in general are perfect events for UTC students. Not only is Southside Social located relatively close to campus in the downtown area, but students are also in a unique position as they are always in close proximity to people within their age range, so it’s always easy to put a team together.


At Spooky Trivia Night, your knowledge will truly be tested. With subjects ranging from Hitchcock to Saw, many different corners of horror media will be touched upon. But the one thing you should never fear is the competence of your host.


Ryan’s experience is extensive, and even from my short talk with him, I can tell that his charisma and quick wit would be able to enliven and engage any crowd. This is hardly surprising as he’s performed shows at well-known venues like The Comedy Store and Laugh Factory and has opened for comedians like Zach Galifianakis.


What really matters here is the experience you will be getting at this event. From what I can see, this is the just the latest in a wealth of fun shows. So after coming to Bingo at 7 p.m. on Friday, register yourself and some friends online at for Spooky Trivia Night and come on down to Southside Social on Sunday to show everyone how scary smart you are!

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