Street voice is amplified through new publication “The Amplifier”

Sarah Cooksey, Chattanooga, TN– Redeeming Hope Ministries’ mission statement is for a “holistic transformation for the underprivileged and homeless of urban Knoxville.” However, that transformation is shaping and changing, making its way down south to Chattanooga.

Along with providing the basic necessity of food by way of groceries as well as fresh fruits and vegetables from a local garden, Redeeming Hope provides an understated necessity: the need to be heard. Through “The Amplifier,” the organization supplies an outlet for the homeless to be heard.

“The Amplifier” is just one of the growing number of street papers in the United States. The movement has three goals. Papers are chiefly produced by the homeless population, giving opportunities for jobs, the content covers issues pertaining to the population, and finally, this crusade generates a network of knowledge and camaraderie for this community.

Eddie Young, the founder of the Redeeming Hope Ministry, said he desires a bridge to be built between the general public and those struggling the most in the economy.

The Amplifier’s content features what is most prominent to the homeless population. There are stories of personal struggles of as well as news, features, and socioeconomic pieces.

Taylor Kisner, a junior from Arlington, Tenn., is undertaking the venture of Chattanooga’s upcoming street paper. After seeing the works of the street paper in Nashville, “The Contributor,” Kisner attended a North American Street Paper Association Convention. After moving to Chattanooga and seeing the lack of purpose of the destitute here, she was inspired to give the homeless in Chattanooga a direction.

Currently she is in the works of finding writers, photographers, vendors, workers—anyone and everyone who strives to accomplish the task of creating a paper.

If you are interested in helping with the Chattanooga street paper efforts, Kisner can be reached at taylor-kisner@mocs.utc.

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