STS9 brings a blend of music to Chattanooga

By Simone Edwards, Staff Writer — Have you ever wanted to experience a community? Not through your sorority or fraternity or through a club, but through something even better: music. What if it were possible for you to experience, or even join, a musical community? What if this community is for any and all who listen to and love music, and your opportunity to join this community was coming to Chattanooga on April 25? Would you go?


STS9 (Sound Tribe Sector 9) is a band, described by their percussionist, Jeffrey Lerner, as a band that intends to “create music, enrich lives, create social change, and create a musical community.”


The name of the band, Sound Tribe Sector 9, is simple, but the idea for “Sector 9” came from the Mayan Calendar. “According to the Mayan Calendar, the 9th year was where music and art flourished in the community,” explained Lerner.


Lerner has been a percussionist for over 25 years. He plays a variety of instruments including congas, tembe, vibraphone, and he also contributes to the electronic beats. He explains that his career in music was “a calling.”


This calling led to his joining the band a few years ago as the last member to join. Since then, they’ve continued to create albums, and hopefully, a community of music lovers.


Lerner describes the band’s sound as “instrumental dance;” however, it is still a unique sound.


Their music isn’t simply techno or electronic: there’s a bit of jazz, punk, house, funk, hip-hop, rock, and the electronic sounds are samples of their music made on computers.


Their music includes a little bit of something for everyone, as it explores so many different genres of music. As Lerner explained, “Every song is different. Each song has it’s own unique qualities and rewards. You just have to stay in the moment with it.”


Your time to live in the moment with STS9 is coming up very soon. They’ll be coming to Chattanooga, during their tour, “Get Loud” on April 25 at Track 29.

If you can’t make a concert, you can still enjoy their music through livestream. You can also begin to listen to their album, “Universe Inside,” when you visit their website,

STS9 is giving you the opportunity to join their musical community. They want to share their love of music with you, so be sure to visit their website or go to a concert.

Addie Whitlow

Addie Whitlow

Assistant Features Editor

Addie is a Chattanooga native majoring in Communication with a minor in English: Writing. If she isn't reading or watching movies, some of her favorite pastimes include spending time on the lake, taking way too many photos of her dog, Ripley, chasing after sunsets, and eating pasta salad. To get in touch, email her or tweet her at @mirage_hall.

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