Student helps run Christmas decorating business

By Brooke Mathews, Contributing Writer —

Courtney Murphy was born to be an entrepreneur, literally. The business major is planning on protecting a legacy that started in her grandparent’s basement in 1992. This legacy is Christmas Done Bright, a company that specializes in Christmas decorations.

Courtney’s love and passion for the business come from her mother, Melissa Davis. Growing up, she would see her mother managing the storefront as the only employee, which is a difficult feat.

“Everyone in my family has not been as dedicated as my mother. She definitely is the one carrying it, my grandparents thought it was fun, but it’s always been my mother,” she said.

The company has grown since then in an unprecedented way. In an age where the internet was rapidly being accepted globally, her grandparents were able to take their manufacturing from their basement to a tobacco warehouse to China in a short amount of time.

“There are empty factories just waiting to be used,” she said. “The one we use now, we actually bought from a man that inherited a Christmas light factory. It’s pretty cool.”

For Courtney, summer is not a time for relaxing. In the summer of 2017, she canceled a prestigious internship to help her mother with re-opening their Sevierville store. She also designed their catalog this year.

“Technically, I don’t need to go to college. I have a job waiting for me,” she said. “My mother thinks this is important, that I can learn something she doesn’t know, so here I am. I had to learn how to use almost every Adobe program you could think of this summer. There are resources everywhere.”

Courtney is excited for the upcoming holiday season, which she is already preparing for.

She has an office in her apartment where she takes orders from customers in the afternoons, and Courtney will become a manager of the store in the summer. Christmas Done Bright is a multimillion dollar company, so she is confident about her ability to keep the company thriving.

“That was my life… that was my childhood. I couldn’t see myself doing anything else.”


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