Student Highlights: Simone Edwards and Tucker McClendon

UTC’s campus boasts a vocal political environment, full of opportunities for students to get politically involved. Specifically, clubs organized for UTC’s College Democrats and UTC’s College Republicans offer platforms for like-minded students to gather and support platforms and candidates they believe in. These clubs bring in speakers, organize events, and equip students with opportunities for internships and jobs. Leading each of these organizations are students passionate about making sure others can be involved in our campus’s political environment.

Tucker McClendon

President of the UTC College Republicans, Tucker McClendon combines his passion for travel and his interest in politics by serving in leadership on campus.

McClendon, a Junior from Chattanooga, flew to Florida over the weekend to help out with the Rubio campaign, returning to campus to signwave on Election Day.

“On Election Day, I’ll be probably skipping class to go sign wave,” said McClendon. “I don’t think I’ve been to school on election day, ever.”

While he studies Political Science with a focus in American Studies, McClendon is working towards running for office one day in Chattanooga and one day hopes to be Mayor.

McClendon has been politically involved all his life.

“I’ve been politically involved, I guess you could say, since I was five or six. When (now) Senator Corker ran for mayor, my mom worked for him and I was in his commercials and in all his mailers, so that’s how I got the political bug, and I’ve had it since.”

Simone Edwards

Last year, Simone Edwards decided to come to UTC  because she loved the atmosphere on campus. “UTC is always trying to get better, and I really liked that,” she said.

This year, now president of the UTC College Democrats, Edwards is continuing the trend of improvement at UTC. She helped rewrite the UTC College Democrats club constitution, established new meeting times and ran elections for new officers for the 2016 school year.

Edwards is a sophomore from Chattanooga studying Political Science with a focus in public policy.

“I’m gonna get my law degree and a masters in something… maybe political administration or public policy,” said Edwards. “I’ll probably going to end up running for something, but if not, I’ll be a policy analyst or something.”

Edwards also is minoring in music, dances and plays piano. “I’m trained in modern and ballet. I was teaching myself tap,” Edwards said. She practices piano around eleven hours a week; “sometimes I get up early to get practice in before class,” she said.


Heather Newlin

Heather Newlin

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Heather is a Communication major with a minor in English Writing. If she’s not writing her blog or exploring Chattanooga with friends, she enjoys running, horseback riding and painting.

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