Student Media Organizations Name New Leaders

By Kirsten Raper, News Editor –

Members of the Student Media Board have recently named or renamed some students as the leaders for several student media organizations, including Mocs News, The Perch and the Sequoya Review. However, The University Echo has yet to name a new Editor-In-Chief. Listed below are the names and an about section for each of the leaders who have already been chosen.

Mocs News

Carlton Spiesser-Smith, a senior from Chattanooga, has served as the director for Mocs News for the last year, and he was recently renamed for the same position for at least next semester because he is expected to graduate in December.

Spiesser-Smith is a Communication major and a Sociology minor, and he has an extensive experience with student media. He was a member of The Perch, where he had his own show, and he was also involved with student media when he was in high school.

“I love working in the media, I did High School news and loved it, when I came into the Communications Program I knew that I wanted to be involved because everything about putting a news show together and filming it is so exciting to me,” he said. “I have a deep love for Communications and love being able to create finished products with my hands. I want to be able to be a Swiss Army knife for any job that I work in.”

As for what Spiesser-Smith hopes to accomplish next semester, he said that he wants to make the organization more stable so that the person who takes over next will have an easy transition.

“I want to make Mocs News a program that get the attention of students and possible students. I want UTC Communications, and specifically Mocs News, something that people come to UTC for,” he said.

The Perch

Jake Moore, is currently a sophomore from Memphis, and he is the station manager for The Perch.

Moore is a Communication major, and he has held a multitude of positions since being at The Perch, including being the host of his own show The Jake Moore Show. He said that his primary goal for next year is to start a podcast network.

“My main goal is to start recording student shows and starting a Perch
Podcast Network,” Moore said. “I think doing that would allow the shows to reach a
larger audience. Also, it is helpful for students to have a sample of
their work when applying for a job. I also want to try to bring in some
more student groups on to promote what they have going on and
such. There is a lot more to come from The Perch and I’m very excited
for everyone to see some other updates we have coming.”

After he graduates, Moore hopes to continue working within the realm of radio.

“Ideally I would work in radio or advanced podcasting,” he said. “NPR, The
Ringer and CBS Radio are some models of places I would like to work
following graduation.”

Sequoya Review

Kelsey Fox, a junior from Memphis, was recently named as the new managing editor for UTC’s literary magazine, the Sequoya Review. 

Fox is an English American Language and Literature major, and has been involved since her freshman year. This past year she served as the Non Fiction Editor for the publication.

“I’ve wanted to be an editor since I was 15 and I fell in love with the Sequoya Review after my first year of involvement,” she said. “It means a lot to me to get to hold this position and read writing from our awesome campus community.”

Her plans for next year include encouraging more people to submit to the journal.

“My hope is to get as many voices from campus involved in this journal as possible; no worries, you don’t have to be an English major to submit your work,” she said.

After graduation, Fox wants to move to Chicago to pursue a career in editing and publishing.




Kirsten Raper

Kirsten Raper

News Editor

Kirsten is an English major with a minor in Communication. In her spare time she enjoys reading, writing, and going to concerts.

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