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Best in the Business
Best in the Business: John Milton, a Gallatin, Tenn., junior walks down the Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame is located in Fletcher Hall.

The UTC Hall of Fame recognized Polk County, Tenn., senior, Joe Ellis with the Collegiate Spirit of Entrepreneurship Award.
“It is just recognizing a student from the University that exhibits the type of behavior traits, personality, and passion that entrepreneurs should have,” Ellis said.  “It’s the first year that they’ve given a student award from the Hall of Fame.”
Ellis said he was not expecting such an award and was humbled by the experience.         “It was awesome, honestly,” he said. “I did not expect anything like that, and it was humbling as well because there have been a lot of people from UTC CEO and professors that have helped me throughout the semester.”
Ellis said the thing he enjoys most about entrepreneurship is the passion and opportunities that come with it.
Entrepreneurs are also a large part of the economy, he said.
“Entrepreneurs have tons and tons of passion, and it’s sort of my outlet for creating ideas, developing business plans and meeting new people and making connections while providing value and bringing people along,” Ellis said. “It allows you to do all of those things, and the more I learn about entrepreneurship, a lot of value and jobs in our economy come from it.”
He said new businesses are started and for however long they are around, people are making money while the businesses grow.
Ellis said the next step for him is with a start-up company called Supply Hog, which he recently transitioned into.
“They recently received some funding from the Chattanooga Renaissance Fund, and they brought me on to help build the company, to recruit new talent, to sell our product and define out company,” Ellis said. “We are doing well and have good direction, funding and traction.”
Ellis said he has the option to move to US Express at the start of May, but hopes to experience continued success at Supply Hog and stay on board with the start-up company.
Supply Hog is for the construction industry and is an online marketplace and  auction house, Ellis said.
“Supply Hog believes that building should be simpler so we make sure that contractors find the supplies they need to build the projects that they want to build as easily as possible,” he said.

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