Students Create Sign-Ups List for Nothing

Elijah Dover (left) and Jackson Dronebarger (right) pose at their ‘SIGN UPS’ booth which served no particular reason at Chamberlain Field on October 29th, 2018 (Photo by Kyle Gentner).

By Kyle Gentner, Opinion Editor—

Over 100 UTC students signed up this Monday at a booth labeled “SIGN UPS.” What they were signing up for? Nothing.

Jackson Dronebarger, a junior business management major, said he and a friend found a table beside Chamberlain Field and wondered how many people would sign up for the sake of signing up.

“We were bored,” Dronebarger said. “We thought that it would just be a fun social experiment to see how many people we could get to sign up.”

Dronebarger said the amount of sign-ins exceeded their expectations with multiple pages of names and Mocs IDs listed.

“I anticipated that no one would talk to us, and we’d leave in about eight minutes. And we’ve been out here for two hours now talking to almost 100 people.”

Dronebarger confirmed there was no grand message, but concluded, “if you don’t put your name on the paper, then it won’t be there.”

Kyle Gentner

Kyle Gentner

Opinion Editor

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