Student’s vision to travel manifests in popular travel website

Sarah Cooksy, Chattanooga, TN –Travel blogger Taylor Goldblatt, a sophomore from Chattanooga, combined his desire to create a website and love for travel to ultimately found his travel website as a 16-year-old sophomore in

 Photos contributed by Taylor Goldblatt Sophomore Taylor Goldblatt is spinning the way traveling works with his book, “City Smart: Travel Savings Handbook.”
Photos contributed by Taylor Goldblatt
Sophomore Taylor Goldblatt is spinning the way traveling works with his book, “City Smart: Travel Savings Handbook.”

high school.

“In high school everyone else was on Facebook during class, and I would be researching travel stuff,” Goldblatt said. “I just always wanted to create a website and travel was something I was always interested in and I just went from there.”

The home page of the website displays a map of the United States with pinpoints of the reviewed major cities. Once a city has been selected, a list details the top attractions, restaurants and accommodations for the area. Goldblatt does not leave his recommendations bland; he provides anecdotes of his own experiences of the region.

The site also contains travel tips ranging from packing to budgeting to safety and health. Goldblatt boasted about a recent post detailing 15 travel saving pointers from a few of his favorite travel bloggers. His sources are from The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, CNN Traveler and Chicago Tribune.

The entrepreneurship major is utilizing his English minor and is in the process of creating a short e-book travel guide that will be available from the website.

This summer he employed writers from different parts of the country to collaborate information from various places to diversify his content.

Goldblatt plans to move to New York City and Las Vegas. His project is twofold; he intends to attend Queens College and University of Nevada at Las Vegas for education and tour the cities for content for his website.

Even as a 19-year-old, Goldblatt has big dreams in mind.

“I’m not going to stop working on this site until it becomes one of the world’s 10 most visited travel sites” he wrote on a blog on Oct. 1.

He also plans to utilize his entrepreneurial degree to open a pirate-themed restaurant after graduation.

His next trip takes him out of North America for the first time to Europe for two weeks this December.

With just three years under his belt, the Twitter page is closing in on 30,000 followers. The most popular YouTube video on the site hit 42,000 views.

Recently, Goldblatt interviewed Peter Greenberg, an Emmy-winning investigative reporter and producer, and the author of a New York Times bestseller who has appeared on Larry King Live, Dr. Phil and The Oprah Show. He also interviewed Tim Leffel, the author of The World’s Cheapest Destinations, who has been featured in Forbes Magazine, USA Today and The Wall Street Journal.


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