Zach Kirby, Chattanooga, Tenn. — With finals coming up, it can seems like professors are piling the work before exams.

Through my experience, studying for finals can be either very stressful or manageable, and I believe that where you study is just as important as how much you study.

The obvious choice is the library, but someone like me who is easily distracted will probably get nothing done, so here are a few options that may help you.

If you are someone who likes peace and solidarity, then the dorm room is an obvious choice, but sometimes the utter silence can be unbearable and distracting.

Another choice is restaurants like the Yellow Deli or Panera Bread downtown, which usually offer free Wi-Fi in order to get your work done. These places offer a relaxing environment that is not usually packed with a comfy atmosphere.

One choice that may not be an obvious one is the bottom floor in the UC near the student media and game room areas. There are tables which are usually open and most of the time I do not even notice anyone there. I sat there about a week ago and I was able to be more productive than usual.

If you are an outdoor-sy person, then the Heritage Plaza courtyard is a great choice, depending on the weather. There you will find many people eno-ing under trees with their laptops finishing that last-minute paper.

Lastly, there are your trusty campus restaurants ,such as the UC and Crossroads. Now, I realize that people will automatically shut down this idea, but hear me out: there are certain places in these restaurants that are great studying locations.

For the UC, when you enter avoid the bottom, main floor at all costs, because that is where everyone goes to hang with their friends and procrastinate. The best spots are the booths on the upper floor that are right before the piano.

For Crossroads it can be a bit harder to find a study spot, especially for $7, but if you feel like having brain food at your request, then this is the place to be. Any tables that are against the back wall are the best spots, otherwise, look for somewhere else.

I hope that this little guide helps out and if you feel overwhelmed by finals trust me you are not the only one. But looking toward the future, we usually make it out alright and go about our busy summers.

Just remember, the “where” is as important as the “how much” we study.

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