By Briana Brady, Opinion Editor–

As it is Super Tuesday here in Tennessee, I deem it an appropriate time to publicly endorse the candidate I feel is best fit to not only run against President Trump in the general election, but most importantly, is best fit to serve as President of the United States. I have been following this primary season so closely—I have watched every debate, spent way too many hours on Twitter, watched various late-night talk show interviews, read through policy proposals, seen one candidate in person, and carefully considered both my own beliefs as well as what and whom I feel can best move this country in a more just and humane direction.

The candidate I am endorsing and have (early) voted for to represent the Democratic Party in this election is tough, sharp, prepared, fearless, and empathetic. This person has published thorough, comprehensive plans to implement once in office, making sure to specify both the “why” and “how” of the policy proposals.

This candidate seems, of all the candidates, most willing to genuinely apologize for past mistakes—and more importantly, to commit to doing better in the future. This person can communicate well and is capable of standing strong on a fierce debate stage, unwilling to be walked all over by other candidates. If the Democratic party can come together in unity and hope, I believe this person can defeat President Trump and begin to heal the country from the brokenness it feels now.  

The candidate I am endorsing for President of the United States is Elizabeth Warren.

Warren speaks up and stands up for not only what’s right, but for those who often are silenced themselves. She took on Mike Bloomberg regarding his non-disclosure agreements and comments about women, she has published a policy to fight back against white nationalism, and she has spoken outrightly about the repercussions of the Congressional filibuster—preventing gun safety laws from passing, immigration legislation from consideration, and other pieces of policy from even being seriously acknowledged. 

She advocates for trans rights, issues of race outside of the stereotypical topic of criminal justice reform, and diplomatic policy beyond the U.S. border. She has promoted a plan to create millions of “green jobs” that will enable our economy to continue in its success in a more environmentally-friendly manner. This is just the beginning of her vision for America.

No candidate can be absolutely perfect for anyone, though, and there are definitely some perspectives I disagree with Warren on. For example, while I am not opposed to considering Supreme Court term limits (which Warren is open to), I am not inclined to support an expansion of the Supreme Court, which Warren has mentioned as a possibility. I am also not wholly in agreement on the issue of free college for all—I’m not convinced families in the top 1% should be entitled to free college, but I’m more open to the idea if those same families are paying a wealth tax.

Additionally, on the topic of healthcare, while I absolutely support Medicare for All programs and think Elizabeth Warren certainly has the most detailed plan as to how the country will pay for it, I am not sure the country is ready to go from a very privatized system straight to a practically public one. Perhaps we should get there incrementally by beginning with the “Medicare for All Who Want It” mentality and then progress to the full iteration of Medicare for All.

Regardless of these aforementioned minor points of disagreement, I fully believe Elizabeth Warren is the best candidate to take on President Trump for the Office of President of the United States. She faces many undeniable obstacles on the path to securing the necessary delegates needed to earn the nomination, but I hope her sharp mind, her quick wit, her empathy, her honesty, and her leadership will prevail in this election. Yes, she’s a woman, and yes, she is Presidential.

Image: Democratic Presidential Candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass). (New York Times/Kelsey Wroten)


3 Replies to “Super Tuesday. Super Woman. Super Warren.”

  1. Briana,
    Very well expressed and points well taken. Good to see both pro and con in your thoughts about Warren showing your opinions are based on both your heart and your head.
    Most of your sources of information are sound and I agree with, but late night talk shows and Twitter I would question as reliable sources to mention in a “news publication.” Opinion editors have the freedom to express their views but should always base their views as much as possible on facts they have researched and concluded as true. That’s my opinion.
    Looking forward to reading your next op ed. Good work, Doc.

  2. Excellent article! I loved reading your opinion on Warren and I, too, believe that she is the best candidate for this election. Continue the good work.

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