David Ide was arrested by UTC police on February 3, 2017. Contributed Photo.

By Haley Doss, Assistant News Editor —

David Ide, a Biochemistry Teacher’s Assistant and student, was arrested after a situation involving another female student on Feb. 3rd.

Around 3 a.m. police were called after Ide was reported yelling and threatening a female student that he had been in contact with earlier in the evening.

According to the UTC police, the female student had plans to meet with Ide at Douglas Heights. When she arrived with a friend, she realized that he was intoxicated and returned back to her apartment in Boling.

Ide’s statement to police included that he and the female student had been texting and she asked him to come to her apartment.

He arrived to her room in Boling and was locked out. Ide sat out side of the apartment door, banging, yelling and texting the female student.

The texts included things like “I’m gonna fuck you up” and “I’m going to kill you guys,” according to a report by officers.

After a few friends of the female arrived and attempted to get the TA to leave, the police were called.

Ide fled Boling back to his apartment in Douglas Heights. After he was identified, officers found that he had a warrant out for his arrests from a previous incident.

The victim stated that she was not in fear of her life and did not want to press charges.

Ide reported to UTC Police, provided a statement and was arrested for the previous charge on Feb. 4th.

According to Chuck Cantrell, the university will be waiting until after the investigation is complete to determine the consequences for Ide as both a employee and student.

For more information about the situation, click here.

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