By Abraham Avila

Home is where the heart is. That statement is true for current junior Taylor Chadwick who transferred to UTC to play softball for her junior and senior year. Taylor’s softball journey began in Chattanooga around the age of six. Around the age of ten she began to develop a real love and skill for the game. Softball was just one of many sports Chadwick played growing
up, but activities such as watching the world series and playing from a young age helped paved the way for her to continue strictly with softball.

Taylor attended Ringgold High school in Ringgold, Georgia; just on the outskirts of Chattanooga. There, she batted .334 with 18 doubles, five triples and two home runs along with 76 runs while driving in 65 in 108 games played. In addition, she graduated with top honors and was a part of the Junior National Honor Society and a Beta Club Member.

After high school Chadwick continued to play softball at Georgia state her freshmen and sophomore year where she appeared in 35 games as a freshmen and 34 games as a sophomore, but with 16 starts. When she decided to leave Georgia state to play at UTC, she had 28 runs on her college resume’ as well as Athletic Directors Honor Roll both years.

“It wasn’t home,” said Chadwick. “I was going to be a little bit away from my family, but not too far. I was excited for the experience to be going division one and not being home to do it. It was also for me to grow up a little bit.”

Taylor was not thrilled with the softball aspect of things at Georgia State despite her love for Atlanta and her former teammates. Coming home was the main reason for her transfer to UTC, however she added that the experience of playing away from home at a D1 level can help her going forward as she continues her softball career in Chattanooga.

Her ability to play multiple positions in softball at a high level as well as perform at a high level academically is far from an average accomplishment. Despite what she calls a lack of social life, Taylor stated that the two complement each other in that school helps calm her nerves down from the game and game helps take pressure away from school.

Now that she’s home, Chadwick’s expectations for the upcoming season are simple.

“I just want to win. I don’t care who is on the field. I want us to be a team and I want to change that atmosphere around here” Chadwick said.

She added that her belief in herself coming home to Chattanooga is far better than it was at Georgia State. Her luck with that bat so far this season as well as the familiar setting can only mean promising results going forward.

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