As the semester winds down, the echo staff is reflecting on the semester and the opportunity to take a break this Thanksgiving. Without the finality of the winter holiday, when grades will have been finalized and our fates will be sealed, we are excited for the quick thanksgiving break to get ahead and prepare to finish the semester strong.

As a staff, we’ve found that we also have a lot of things to be thankful for.

We have been thankful all semester for the opportunity to work on this paper, for teachers who give extra credit and for the many freedoms we enjoy in this country, even through a painfully divisive election cycle.

As students, we are excited for time away from classes. As grateful as we are to all be (more or less) enjoying an opportunity to earn a college education, this break is much anticipated and well earned.

Many of us are traveling home for break, and we’re also looking forward to spending time with family, snuggling our pets and catching up with friends we’ve been away from all semester.

Thanksgiving also means food, and we’re looking forward to witnessing what will likely be the biggest meal we’ve experienced all semester. If we’re lucky, we can still pass as kids at the kids table and avoid any and all uncomfortable dinner conversations about the election, the fires or our grades.

Even when thanksgiving break ends, our thankfulness will continue as we watch the semester end. As a staff, we have worked hard and are ready to finish strong and be one semester farther in our degrees.