By Trish Nguyen, Staff Writer – 

The UTC Bursar’s Office recently received the 2019 Tennessee Center for Performance Excellence’s Commitment (TNCPE) Award, which is presented to organizations that are dedicated to improving their performance.

The award commends the Bursar’s Office for implementing and closely aligning its workplace to the Balridge Excellence Framework, which sets core values and standards for an organization to follow. 

The Balridge Excellence Framework outlines seven aspects that contribute to the performance of an organization: leadership, strategy, customers (students in the case of UTC), statistics, workforce, operations and results. 

Each organization involved with the TNCPE is ranked on a scale of one to four, with four being the highest level in the state, and each recipient must apply to be recognized for the award at their level.

The Commitment Award is given to level 2 organizations yearly, and UTC will be one of six organizations to receive a 2019 Commitment Award from the TNCPE during their upcoming award ceremony in late February. 

“This program, I think, has been really good in making us take a self-awareness check to see that we’re doing what we need to do in order to provide good customer service,” Bursar Nancy Neal said.

The Bursar’s Office has followed the TNCPE’s model since 2011 and has since continuously improved how they operate to reach this recognition level. 

“I was really pleased to be able to get the award,” Neal said, “Five people come in, and look at everything that you’re doing and look at your results, because you could say that you’re doing anything. You could be saying that you’re the greatest and the best in the southeast, but what is showing that?”

Each organization that applies for an award is inspected by examiners from the TNCPE who will create a report of their findings upon their visit. 

The report is reviewed by the TNCPE Panel of Judges, and they will decide whether or not to award the organization to the next recognition level.

“You make sure that everybody understands that their job, no matter what they’re doing, they are not on their own. We are a team,” Neal said, “I praise them all the time, because they need to know that you appreciate what they’re doing.”

The Bursar’s Office inputted multiple functions since they began to work with the TNCPE to promote communication of important information with the students, like the “Message from the Bursar,” the fee calculator and the Bursar Series videos with captions in English and Spanish. 

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