Daniel McNeeley, Chattanooga, Tenn., — Multipurpose venue The Camp House is leaving the historic Southside for a new location on M.L. King Boulevard.
It has been used as meeting places for interviews, hang out spots for friends and a good place to relax and study for off-campus students.
This makes it difficult for some students to see it move to another location.
Conni Boykins, a senior from Knoxville, said she is sad about their move from a part of town that is undergoing such turnover.
“I hate that they’re leaving the Southside location,” Boykins said. “Southside is undergoing serious development right now, and it would be great to keep more businesses down that way.”
Southside has been a historic and integral center of the city, especially with the Choo Choo and Finley Stadium.
In recent years, the area has seen a renaissance of sorts, with up-and-coming local businesses such as the Grocery Bar becoming rapidly more successful.
Leaving Southside drops another strong business from the area, but Boykins said the move “will help the business grow since it will be in a more populated and high traffic area.”
Moving to MLK, near the heart of downtown, brings The Camp House that much closer to campus. While the business will not be lacking, the old building will be missed.
“I really like the building itself and think the architecture is beautiful,” Boykins said about the Southside location.
Visit The Camp House website at thecamphouse.com and visit its new location at 125 E. M.L. King Blvd. in December.

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