The challenge of deciding where to eat as a college student

By Arden Craft, Contributing Writer —

For a large number of students, on UTC’s campus the limited number of dining options provided on campus, combined with the seemingly few number of affordable restaurant choices, deciding where to eat can be a challenge.

“It is hard to find places to eat where the food is good, there are a lot of options, and you do not have to spend 20 dollars a meal,” said Oliver. “It becomes even more difficult when you want to go out for a special occasion like a date.”

Sophomore Jaylee Oliver listed off a few local casual dining favorites including: River Street Deli, Mr. T’s pizza, Hickory Pit Bar-B-Que and lastly the ever popular Yellow Deli.

Restaurants in Chattanooga that have been praised for their fair prices and romantic atmosphere include STIR, Tony’s Pasta Shop and The Back Inn Café.

For many students living on campus with a budget, finding affordable dining options is always a relevant issue.

“I pretty much look for affordable food every time I want to eat off campus,” junior Kenneth Pruett said. “Brunch, dessert, even if I am craving a certain type of food, like Mexican or Italian, the cheapest option is the way to go.”

When craving something sweet Oliver and Pruett mentioned Clumpies Ice Cream and the Ice Cream Show as affordable dessert options close to campus.

The prospect of several new delivery service apps coming to Chattanooga has been a source of excitement for many UTC students.

“I know Uber Eats, Waitr and I think one other company is setting up shop here. Sometimes I just do not have time to go grocery shopping, or pick up food because of homework. Usually the delivery chargers are really reasonable too,” said sophomore Cater Brownfield.

Chattanooga resident Jayson Cline launched the My Town 2 Go franchise in January, according to a story published by The company is currently working with over 50 local restaurants. The delivery fee ranges from $3.99 to $6.99, depending on location.

To attract students to dine off campus, many local restaurants offer student discounts. Some restaurants close to UTC’s campus that offer student discounts include, Big River Grill, The Camp House and Tazikis.

“As a token of our appreciation we offer anybody who is affiliated with the university a free drink,” said Brad Emendorfer, owner of the downtown Chattanooga Tazikis. “Additionally starting on April 1 we will be adding a 10 percent discount to anyone connected to UTC,” Emendorfer said.

Attracting UTC students is good business for local owners and a way to support UTC and the community.

“We have been associated with the university since the day we opened,” Emendorfer said. “We feel it is important to show local support to the community, especially with our close proximity to the university. We make an effort to not just rally behind the athletic department, but the entire student body.”

Chris King

Chris King


Chris is a Hendersonville native that was named the Sports Editor in April 2017 after being the Assistant Sports Editor since January 2016. Chris enjoys watching and learning more about various different sports, especially football and basketball. He plans to graduate in spring of 2018 with a degree in Communication and a minor in Promotion.

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