The creepy legend of Sensabaugh Tunnel in Kingsport, Tennessee

By Sylvia Shipman, Features Editor—

People have reported hearing a baby’s cry and seeing a man in their rearview mirror when inside Sensabaugh Tunnel. [Photo Contributed by Earl Carter]

On the backroads of Kingsport, Tennessee, lies Sensabaugh Tunnel, one of the most allegedly haunted places in the state. Sensabaugh Tunnel has been discussed among various chat rooms and blogs online.

Legend has it that if you turn off your car’s ignition while inside the tunnel, a series of ghostly happenings will occur.

People have reported hearing a baby crying, seeing a man in the rearview mirror, seeing a figure sitting in the back seat and finding a child’s handprints on their car after leaving the tunnel.

Rumors of the tunnel’s haunting started in the 1960’s but continue up to today. The tales of its haunting, like any haunted place, vary depending on who’s telling them.

Some say that a homeless man attempted to rob the nearby Sensabaugh and fled with a baby after being discovered. His getaway route included Sensabaugh Tunnel, where he panicked and drowned the innocent baby in the shallow pool, now called Crybaby Pool.

Another version of the story says that Ed Sensabaugh, a man who lived in a house near the tunnel, went crazy one night, murdering his wife, kids and finally himself with a gun inside the tunnel’s walls.

Adding to these rumors is the legend of a young woman whose car broke down inside the tunnel. She exited and walked towards the Sensabaugh House to seek help. However, she never made it home, either getting murdered inside the Sensabaugh House or disappearing inside the tunnel itself.

Today, Sensabaugh Tunnel is a common place for young thrill seekers to drive through, halting their engine to find out if any of the legends are true.

While no records exist of any murders in the tunnel or the house nearby, the rumors still persist among locals and believers of the paranormal.

Kingsport is located in the North East corner of Tennessee, which is a three hour drive from Chattanooga, for anyone who dares to visit.

Could it be that the hauntings are simply talk, or do Sensabaugh Tunnel’s graffitied walls hold something much more sinister?

Sylvia Shipman

Sylvia Shipman

Social Media Manager

  1. We were driving through Sensabaugh Tunnel late one night and our car lights went off for a second. When they came back on we saw something in the middle of the tunnel. We got it on video before my uncle dropped the camera.

  2. My son an his friend had a picture taken of them at the tunnel an the child was in the background faintly!!!!!

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