By Jake Moore—Asst. Sports Editor

Just because Halloween has passed doesn’t mean there is no time to work a few more horror movies into your day, and Robert Eggers’ The Lighthouse might be the perfect fit. 

The Lighthouse is Eggers’ long-awaited follow up to 2015 horror film, The Witch. Fans of his debut film will be excited to hear that The Lighthouse follows a similar setup but vastly improves in virtually every way. 

The film follows two lighthouse keepers’ tenure on a remote island—but trust me, it isn’t as boring as it sounds. The film takes many twisted turns that make the audience call into question what they are seeing and if it is even real. There are a ton of mysteries presented by The Lighthouse and in classic A24 horror fashion, few of them are answered. Depending on your taste, that is not a bad thing. If the audience had all the answers to the debacles presented in the film, something would certainly be lost. 

The acting in the film is simply phenomenal. Robert Pattinson, best known for his role in the Twilight series, plays Winslow, a newcomer to the practice with a secret. Pattinson does a tremendous job of depicting a man slowly falling into madness, and The Lighthouse is easily his best role since 2017’s Good Time.

However, veteran actor Willem Dafoe steals the show as Thomas. Dafoe does a remarkable job of making the viewer feel uneasy, reflecting the feelings of Winslow. But there is a massive amount of mystery surrounding Thomas, and trust me, it is a mystery you want to solve. It would not surprise me at all if Dafoe gains serious Oscar buzz for this film. 

The film is beautifully shot and is presented in black and white with a 1.19:1 aspect ratio. The tight quarters mixed with the wide shots of the vast ocean disorient the viewer which only adds to the already mind-bending experience. 

The sound mixing in the film is excellent, as well. Everything has a weight to it, whether it be the ominous horn heard throughout the film or whiskey being poured into a mug. 

Overall, The Lighthouse is worth the trip to the theatre but is certainly not a movie for everybody. If you enjoyed films like The Witch, Hereditary or Midsommar, then The Lighthouse is perfect for you. 

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