The Lost and Re-found of Netflix

By Alyssa Martin—Features Editor

Many people, no matter their age, have an obsession towards Netflix.

Recently Netflix received backlash from various media sites about the removal of 90s hit sitcom “Friends.” The company supposedly has spent near $100 million for the rights to stream the still popular series.

The series ran from 1994 through 2004 with 10 seasons and million of laughs and love connections. The show follows six friends, hence the title, through their daily lives throughout their 20s and into their 30s.

Together they endure children, job changes, infertility, falling in love and divorce. By the end of season 10, they have become each other’s family. Despite some blood relation, they prove it’s not what defines a family.

Growing up watching the series with my mother, I am not one to reject the continuation of the series; however, it does raise awareness to all the shows we have loved and lost throughout the recent years. One fan favorite specifically being “One Tree Hill,” a CW original.

Starring many talented actors and actresses, the 2000s series followed the trials of two half brothers with each of their friend groups.

Beginning as a fun show previewing the brothers’ rivalry, it eventually evolved to taking on many difficult topics including rape, stalking, teen marriage and pregnancy, suicide and more.

The popular series showed the lives of these characters and how they surpassed and persevered through each trial.

It was removed from Netflix at the end of 2017; although various reports told rumors of its return in 2018, “One Tree Hill” was not as lucky as “Friends” was.

According to some internet articles from different sites, Netflix may be taking down some of the older CW series; however, another article stated the series and movies to leave the Netflix community in 2019, and among these were the “Sharknado” franchise, so maybe a film purge is not the worst idea.

Even though most series are able to be found on other platforms, such as: Hulu, Amazon Prime, the CW app, etc., it does not make it easier for those of us who still are continuing with one of the original streamers.

To this, through my disappointment, the most I have to say: do better Netflix.

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