The Perch raises awareness, involvement for election

On the air
On the air: Memphis junior Ron Farrell, Jr., station manager, goes on the air in the studio during a segment. The Perch is the University’s student run radio station.

By Idris Garcia, Chattanooga, TN–The Perch, UTC’s student radio station, is partnering with the Multicultural Center for an election party Nov. 6.

“We are also merging with other organizations like NAACP and NPAC, and that’s all going on in the Multicultural Center,” Memphis junior Ron Farrell, Jr., station manager, said. “The Multicultural Center will have a photo booth, have the election playing on a projector screen, and also we will be having interviews going on downstairs as the election is going on giving stats, updates and stuff like that.”

The election party will spill over into the game room downstairs as well, where there will be cookies and hot chocolate, Farrell said.

The idea for the election party came about in one of The Perch’s meetings, Farrell said.

A lot of the staff thought it would be a unique idea for student media to participate in, Farrell said.

“Our advisor and our staff and everyone at our meeting thought to do something for the election because this will be the first time student media will be doing something for the election, so we wanted to try it out,” he said.

Farrell said students should take advantage of the opportunity to participate in the election process, and he hopes the election party will get students excited and involved.

Students should be aware that the decision that is made this election will affect their future, Farrell said.

“It’s about us, Farrell said. “They are dictating our lives from here on out, and we are of age so we should care about what’s going to happen to us in the future. For example, if Romney cuts student funds or student loans then that affects us, so why not vote.”

Farrell said he hope the election party will also help raise awareness about The Perch’s presence on campus.

The station’s goal is to engage and involve students on campus and promote campus events, he said.

“We want students to know that we are here for their benefit,” Farrell said. “ We do this for fun, but we can also encourage students to listen and get engaged or involved with the campus.”

Farrell said the station can also help student organizations raise awareness about them and the different events that they host.

“If different organizations have something going on, we promote it or we can report news that students need to know about.”

Farrell said he has worked hard to help put the election party together and is exited for the event.

“Be sure to come out, and bring your friends because we would love to have all of you,” Farrell said. “Go Mocs.”

The election party will begin Nov. 6 at 6 p.m. in the UC game room until midnight.

The Multicultural Center will open for the election party at 7 p.m.

Free cookies and hot chocolate will be served in the game room, and the election will be playing in the Multicultural Center.

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