By Heather Newlin, Chattanooga, Tenn. — Dr. Anne Sarah Rubin, associate professor of history and director of the Center for Digital History and Education at the University of Maryland, delivered “Stories of Sherman’s March” as the UTC History Department’s Second Annual Civil War Era Lecture.

The lecture, Wednesday, Jan. 21, covered the lasting symbolic significance of Sherman’s March. Rubin summarized the “basic contours of the march” as written in the first chapter of her book, “Through the Heart of Dixie: Sherman’s March in American Memory.”

She told dynamic stories of the march from all different points of view. Her stories highlighted the historical impact the march had on people living in the South in the 1860s, the war itself, and American history ever since.

The history department and ThinkAchieve strive to connect the academic community to the greater Chattanooga community through events like this.  Academic lectures from qualified professors like Rubin provide deeper knowledge to students wanting to expand beyond what they learn in the classroom.

Kimberly Guo, freshman from China, said she really appreciated gaining “different perspectives of the Civil War.”

She explained that the lecture was beneficial to her because it related directly to her history class.

Additionally, these events allow an opportunity to “bridge the academic community to Chattanooga communities,” said Dr. Mike Thompson, an assistant professor of American history.

Dr. Will Kuby of the history department said that there are “so many additional things that we can’t cover in any given classroom, [these events] explore interests beyond the lecture hall.”

Upcoming events include lectures for Black History Month and a series on the Holocaust. If you are interested in being involved in events like this with ThinkAchieve, Visit or 551 Oak St. through the end of the month to sign up for weekly emails listing ThinkAchieve events.

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