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Spring break is just around the corner (Yay!), so many students may take advantage of that time and travel, whether it’s to Miami, London, or even a short trip to Nashville. Regardless of how far you are traveling, packing for a trip can be stressful. There always seems to be something you’ve forgotten when you arrive at your destination. Here is a list of five essential items to bring when you are traveling. They aren’t the most conventional, but they definitely come in handy!

Walking Shoes

You may want to look cute wherever you are traveling, but a bomb Instagram picture isn’t going to make up for the aching pain you feel after walking ten miles on an uneven sidewalk in sandals. Luckily, cute sneakers are extremely in right now. Adidas Superstars are extremely comfortable and match with almost everything.


Bringing a travel-size bottle of lotion with you may seem a little vain, but having dry skin on vacation can really bring down your vibe. Using it on your hands and face is great, especially if you are on a plane. Flying dries out your skin and you will be thankful for lotion. Also, moisturized skin is better at handling the sun without getting burned. A lot of people try to skimp on the sunscreen, which I don’t recommend, but putting on lotion will lessen the chances of a sunburn.

Eye Mask

I personally, can’t sleep in a crowded or well-lit place if I’m not using an eye mask. If you are staying in a hostel, you will probably be sharing the room with at least five other people with their own lives and schedules. The lights may be on until 2 am or they may come on at 6 am. Wearing an eye mask is essential for sleeping on an airplane, as well. Regardless, if you want some shut-eye, you definitely want something to cover your eyes.

Secure Purse

This one is for the ladies- you definitely want to bring the perfect purse when you travel. It should be large enough to hold a wallet, sunglasses, and your phone. A huge tote will get annoying while a crossbody is less grueling on your shoulders. A good rule of thumb is to always bring a bag that zips and to keep it zipped as much as possible. Pickpocketing doesn’t just happen in Barcelona! You can never been too sure.

Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer is extremely useful, especially if you are traveling outside of the United States; not every country has soap, let alone running water, in their public restrooms. I’ve been to restaurants in Europe that don’t even have soap! Also, using the subway system exposes you to a multitude of germs, so you will definitely want to use some after you step off. Packing a travel size hand sanitizer will come in handy more than once, whether you are eating on the go or using public transportation.

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