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By Kyle Yager, Sports Editor

With summer fast approaching, it can sneak up on many of us.

As college students, the final April sprint towards summer can still feel like more of a marathon. Classes always have the most important assignments come up this time of the semester, as student stress can reach an all-time high. Stressors include but aren’t limited to the following: final presentations, final projects, last chapter exams and then final exams, signing up for next semester classes, getting a job, figuring out new living situations, etc.

As summer rears it’s gorgeous head, here are the top five things you should look into doing to prepare for and maximize your summer ‘18 experience.

The Beach

It seems obvious, and it’s the go-to summer excursion, but everyone can benefit from a nice beech trip. From tanning or reading a book and relaxing, to quick dips in the ocean and walking on the boardwalk, to fruity beverages and a lively night life, the beech is the perfect get away.

You can’t beat a time in ‘paradise’, and it can be a very rejuvenating experience before returning home to the everyday hustle.

The Pool

Even if you don’t have the time or money for the beech, going to the pool is a must over the summer months.

Hanging with friends and catching some rays is a great way to relax. Whether you’re reading a book, grabbing a beer, or grilling out and bumping tunes, hitting up the local pool is a staple in the summer months. Not to mention that come August it’ll be closed till April/May again, so you need to take advantage.

Visit old friends

As students age and become ingrained in their college lives, we drift from high school friends. Summer is a great time to reunite with your olds pals and catch up.

It’s great seeing old friends again, as the memories flood back in and it usually picks up like you haven’t even been separated for the past year/couple years. Also, it’s good for strengthening your friendships by reuniting in person every so often.

As people’s schedules are typically liter and more flexible over summer, it’s the perfect time period to kick it with the old homies and reminisce.

Music festivals

Now I’m a little biased because I think these events are incredible, but nothing compares to a music festival.

Now there are a few staples to maximizing the experience: make sure you really like the lineup, go with a group of friends, and research and prepare accordingly. You do all those things and you’ll have a blast.

Music Festivals are a hub of positivity, energy, and liberation. People connect easier and raging to music you love is second to none. Not to mention there’s loads of quirky or innovative activities to do besides the concerts. If you have the time and money, definitely get tickets to a music festival that sounds enticing to you, you won’t be sorry.

Outdoor activities

With summer weather, it creates the prime time for outdoor recreation.

Hiking, kayaking, fishing, boating, rafting, etc. are all great ways to get outside with friends and do something different. As summer is the only real good time period for these activities, make sure you get outside and do something to utilize the good weather and great potential.

Outdoor activities are fun, easy, and good for you. Get outside and enjoy this summer.

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